There is a freedom that comes with forgiveness. In January 2018 a heavy burden dissipated when I allowed grief and pain a seat at my table. I stopped fighting and hiding. I found peace in living in courage and truth. I started to discover who Giselle was, as opposed to living in the memory of Giselle and Juliet.  This journey was not an easy process.  Forgiving my self for numerous real and made up matters finally broke down walls.  First off, I needed to accept that Mom had passed. She was not coming back…at least not in the way that I once knew.  The plan now, live in a way that would make her proud.  How do I do that?  Be me. 

In January I took part in a photo shoot.  Ash Nayler, is a talented photographer.  She is gifted with the ability to see and capture your inner strength, courage and intent. I first worked with Ash in 2014, then again in 2017.  2018 our photo shoot was different.  As her camera clicked, we discussed our families, our partners, her Grandfather, and my Mother. We were friends before, but we became closer.  She provided a safe place for me and for that I am grateful.

People will come into our lives for a reason.  Some of them will stay with us on our journey, while others will move on.  I believe my purpose is to learn from each of these people.  The only way I will grow as a person is to stop living in a bubble.  Being kind is not enough, I must also find a way to give back.  It started with telling people in my life how much I love them and how they have touched me.  I will continue this path because, it brings me joy. 

Thank you, Ash, for photographing a woman who has survived.  I am finding me.  Here I am.


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