The Story Behind The Smile

When I first joined Twitter in 2009, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Back then having a picture, a logo, or a work of art, as your avatar was not as prevalent as it is now. I followed the recommended list Twitter provided of people from all walks of life, with Ashton Kutcher being one of them. He shared a tweet listing helpful hints for new users to Twitter. Having a picture of yourself vs. the generic icon provided for your avatar was noted as one of them.  So I decided to scan through my pictures on iPhoto until something jumped out at me. I first went with a silly picture of me at Disney.  From there, I posted a picture of me looking super fly in my sunglasses, followed by an assortment of other smiley pictures. Until one day I selected the picture you currently see on my profile. 

In the beginning I was changing my avatar picture as fast as you could blink.  I remember my dear friend Diana,  aka @adamsconsulting, or Queen of the #BA75, tweeting that she could not keep up with all of my changing looks.  I took that statement to heart and decided to stick with one image, a simple picture of me smiling. There is nothing remarkable about the photo. It was taken on a very cold day, at a friend’s home, when Emma was a few days shy from turning four months. The house was filled with laughter, peace and warmth.  It was a wonderful day.  I now realize, that my profile picture captures a perfect moment in time in my life.  

I decided for your amusement, as well as mine, to display a few of my various avatar pictures over the past two years.  After you have finished laughing, I would love to know the story behind your Twitter profile picture!


  1. Hello Giselle. I now see why Dean and Stacey enjoyed reading your posts. I enjoy a similar since of calming while reading your post as well. I must say, I have not changed my personal avatar on but I have authorized the changing of my business avatar on

    Initially we had a business avatar that resembled the AOL guy. We changed it as a result of our Twitter friends saying: "Your avatar reminds me of the AOL dude running when I connect to the Internet." I felt we were not original so it was scrapped. Since then, we've had the same avatar.

    I think your avatar story is a bit more exciting to read about then mine. Cheers and I've bookmarked your blog as I promised Stacey I would.

    Thanks for following our business page on Facebook too. Cheers and have a good week.

  2. Hello DL,
    I have to tell you something. I love your company. Dean, Stacey, Sandy and now you! All of you are wonderful. I am touched that you take the time to read the articles on my blog. I remember your first avatar and I am glad that you changed it. I am happy with the fact that your company takes the time to interact with people on Twitter. You share and RT information as well as promoting your company.

    Thank you very much for your comment!


  3. Giselle,
    It's great to "meet" you...ALL the faces of YOU!!!

    I particularly like the Mickey Mouse ears - how fun!! And that reminds me of a photo I've used of myself on Twitter (well...kind of, only different!). It was me - in a pink wig! (scary, really!) Anyway, loved reading this - and it really is great to meet you!!

  4. Hello Lance! I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post. I look forward to your tweets.

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and reading my way through. I think changing pictures or other things sometimes show how we are changing, yet we do not realize what's happening to us. I also changed some profile names as I felt the names did no reflect who I was at the time. Now I'm more content.

  6. Hello Peaches! I agree with you. You have to be comfortable with the image and name that you share with the on line world. I am happy to hear that you found a profile name that you are happy with sharing. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

  7. I love your smile, Giselle! Few things more powerful than a sincere smile. The picture you've chosen is perfect.

  8. Hello Bret. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for the kind words. It was a pleasure to meet you during the last Leadfromwithin chat. I am looking forward to reading more of your tweets.

  9. I love this post Giselle... I only just discovered your blog now when you tweeted for a different post (didn't even that tweet was for blog by YOU!)... now that I found this is you, I'm having a look around, and I love it.

    What's so funny is that, just yesterday, I saw your avatar pass by my stream, and I thought to myself... "I just love that girl" with a smile, BECAUSE, of the energy conveyed in your photo that shines so brightly!

    So, seeing this post now just after that, I had to say hello!

    You always shine so much light... whatever picture you use, just don't change that! :)

    Sending my best to you today ~
    Sharon @growinggold

  10. Sharon thank you very much for your kind words. I am always happy to see your smiling face in my tweet stream. Your contributions to the leadfromwithin chat are priceless. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and that you took the time to look around!

    I am grateful for getting to know you.


  11. I don't even want to see some of my old photos...yours are great. Love your smile!

  12. Hello Alida! Thank you for your comment. I took a peak at your blogger profile picture and you are stunning. I am sure the rest of your pictures are just as gorgeous!

  13. Hi Giselle

    I like the picture you have now. Diana I call her
    sunshine because her smile and she so nice.

    My avatar of my flower and my name goes back a long time ago when i first started getting into
    social network sites. So I kept it when I moved
    on to twitter and Face Book and than I all so have 1 with my name. But most people remember the pink rose and bonnie67 which is my name and birth year.

    I really enjoyed your blog. 2nd one I've read.

  14. Hi, and thank you Bonnie. I truly believe that consistency is key with choosing your avatar. I think you should try to keep the same one. People will begin to recognize you on different social platforms, which can be a great benefit.


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