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I Am Sorry

I have never understood depression.  I did not comprehend how someone’s mind could control them in such a fashion that they could not function or go to work. How could depression stop you from providing for your family?  Growing up in a single parent household my Mom knew that if she did not work, we would not survive. It was, what it was. I have met hundreds of people who suffer from depression. I have watched how the disease eats away at their self esteem and their core. I would listen to their stories.  Some had lived with their depression since childhood while others had it triggered through a life event.  My empathy was grounded in ignorance. It gets worse. In my opinion I did not have the privilege of being depressed.  Yes. I said that, more than once. That statement is vile.  It is ugly. It is abhorrent. I am sorry. The universe has ways to show us contrasting landscapes. Sometimes we fight the lesson set out before us. Sometimes we hide in our bia

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