A New Day

The freedom to vote, in a manner which reflects your spectrum of the world, is one of our greatest rights. I am honored to live in a country that will allow me to express how I feel.

On November 8th, American people voted for a way of life. Each person voted this way. You voted for a version of America that made sense to you.

The person who you chose was only a by-product of your decision. Your vote was for the America you wanted to protect, the America you envisioned and the America that you felt safe to live in and raise your family.

It is evident that your America is very different from other people's version of America. Within that difference I have read and viewed hate. Pure hate. I have witnessed numerous connections on Facebook implode. Tolerance has left the building. I am guessing that there is a chance, that you have unfriended someone due to their views on America.  But you say, they were not really friends at all, just social media friends. They were just people who you connected with, via an online service. But take a moment to realize that if they were in your friend list for the past year, or ten years, at some point in time, that person became part of your connective consciousness.  

What I have read on peoples streams causes me to worry. For a comment to get posted, you need to have thought it out, and then type it, and finally share it. This process requires the person to be deliberate in their actions. Take a moment to realize that what you read is the sum of someone’s view of America. Is it their right to share their opinion and thoughts? Yes.  Is it their right to spew hatred, fear and division? Yes. Is it your right to respond with hate? Yes.  Is this acceptable? Hell No!

One man is not America. America is freedom. It is a phenomenal fusion of ethnicities, religions, beliefs and desires. There are hundreds of thousands of people in different parts of this world that are dying to grasp a chance for that freedom. You are not defeated and you need to stop thinking that way. Whether the outcome of the election has your jubilant or in despair, in the near future, please realize that for America to be healed and united, the venom must cease.   How do you do that? It starts with you. Take a moment to reflect on what America looks like for you personally. Force yourself not to generalize. Be honest with yourself. Only then can you be honest with others. When someone does respond with anger and hate, it is time to decide. How you chose to respond to someone else is absolutely in your power. If that means unfriending someone who entices and perpetuates hate, then do so.  

To all of my American friends I send you love and hope. I know that you all have it within you to heal, open your minds and hearts to your brethren and unite. 


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