Thank You

Are you ever gifted with moments of clarity? With it you are able to open your mind to a myriad of thoughts, images and understandings. I recently had just such a moment.  Of course it was in my shower.  It always seems to be in the shower where I am able to solve all of life’s problems.  Only issue, by the time I get out, I have forgotten the codes to the universe.  But not today, no sir, today I forced myself to remember.  What thought was it that I held myself accountable, so that I could share my story with you, it was gratitude. 

In the past five years I have gone through so much. I planned to write about my divorce, the roller- coaster that is dating, being a single mother, writing, not writing, working and finding love.  Through it all, I was surrounded by the most amazing people.  People who directly influenced each of my days and those whose impact while brief left an impression. The shower epiphany unveiled one major theme, gratitude. I am truly grateful for each person who has touched my life. From some I have learned to be vulnerable, from others I’ve learned to become strong, yet they all have taught me that my journey is not a solo venture, rather it involves a village.

Without further delay, I say thank you. 

Thank you for your part in shaping my life and being there for me. 
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
Thank you for buying a portable air conditioner when I first moved into my home.
Than you for making me laugh.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for helping me navigate and enjoy social media.
Thank you for pushing me to be better than I allowed myself to believe.
Thank you for encouraging me to take a new job.
Thank you for an open mind.
Thank you for supporting my writing.
Thank you for listening to me when Buffy died.
Thank you for being patient.
Thank you for Ottawa.
Thank you for not calling.
Thank you for not accepting my offer.
Thank you for not putting me in another cage.
Thank you for giving me space and then welcoming back with open arms.
Thank you for always speaking your mind.
Thank you for seeing me as I am.
Thank you for caring about my love for food.
Thank you for accepting me.
Thank you my faithful 34.
Thank you my indulgent 85.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for praying for me.

Thank you.

You may immediately see yourself here and if you do I hope you smile.  If you are not sure and wondering, please stop.  For this reason, if there was a slight likelihood that I caused you to stop and take note, you need to know that you did have an impact on me and for that, I am grateful.  

Now it is your turn. Who or what makes you say thank you? There is no time like the present to share it with the world.  It is time!


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