When you hear the word They, what feelings does it invoke? Do you feel a sense of empowerment, and community? Or do you feel dejected, resentful and angry?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this word and how I have heard it used throughout my life.

They won’t give you a raise.
They don’t listen.
They hold you back from your goals.
They control your power.
They make decisions for you.
They limit your true potential.
They object to change.
They will inherit the earth.
They are the 1%.
They have the wealth.
They restrict your creativity.
They find the ugly in all of your good.
They radicalize your thoughts, words, and movements in order to champion their ideologies.
They mask hate by showing you whom to fear.
They appeal to your insecurities because you let them.

Who are they?

They are we.
They are you.
I am they.  

Once we take stock that we are our own worst enemy, we can release the hate and fear we have inside us.  This is not hype, or the flavour mantra of the month. Hate and fear will destroy your good. It’s that simple.  Stop blaming they and realize that the power is within you to make a difference.


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