September 1st, 2012 journal entry.

I watched how Mike and Rebecca interacted and I do believe that love is possible.  To be with that one person and to know without a doubt that their love is unconditional.  I watched as the two of them moved separately yet stayed connected at a party the three of us recently attended. Every so often their eyes would seek out the other, and when they found each other, it was brilliant.  I am serious. Both their faces would light up as if they found the secret to achieving never-ending happiness.  I stood in awe.  Ah yes, I see you shaking your head and waving your finger at me.  You need to believe that romantic love is temporary.  It will fade, when the tough times begin. I’ll let you in on a secret.  Tough times found Rebecca and Mike and did not leave a scar.  In fact, they embraced those moments and did something most couples do not, they talked…with each other. Imagine that! They allowed themselves to be vulnerable with each other, expressing their fears and concerns. All the while becoming a stronger couple in the process.  I admire that.

Watching Rebecca and Mike has renewed my faith that love exists.

By the time they read this post my two friends will be husband and wife.  Congratulations Rebecca and Mike! I wish you a life time of happiness, laughter and fun.

That night at the party taught me three valuable lessons.

1.Love is raw. It can be beautiful but it will come with its share of hardships. Our strength is shown by how we choose, as couples, to work through the ugly and stay focused on why we fell in love in the first place.

2. Talk, Listen and close the circle. All couples will disagree, but the only two people who can actually solve the problem are you and your partner.  Not your friends, your mama, your bff, your neighbour, or your co-workers.  If you want to include them in your circle, then expect life to become very crowded.

3. Find the humour….even when things are not so rosy. Laughter truly is a powerful weapon.  It can take those awful, why me, moments and quickly shift the moment into something positive. Learn to laugh at yourself by understanding who you are, your flaws and your trigger points.

Love is organic, it breathes and it grows.  It evolves.  What are your thoughts on love? Did someone or something impact you, to change your views?  


  1. I'm a romantIc at heart. I love rom-com's and scI-fI's w/ star crossed lovers. I love that raw emotIonal, 'you complete me' love. I sIll have hope I'll fInd my lobster. I came within view once and I'm stIll riding the train, waiting for that next view that sweeps me off my feet :)

    1. I love your view on romance Ardean! Thank you for reading my post!


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