If you are not careful everything you have done your best to avoid, will rise.  And when it does it will suffocate you.  Avoidance transitions into indifference. Once indifference settles in it is hard to feel anything.

One of the hardest things to do is to confront what holds you back, what hurts you or what keeps you living in a stagnant past. But confrontation is the only way you can let go and be free.  We each have our unique ways of pushing through the dark times. I find my way draining, so I am working on a new method.  I believe in dealing with my pain, any fears that I have or whatever is troubling me, straight on. This process while effective usually leaves me exhausted. But once that exhaustion yields I feel free. I remember that freedom is a priceless gift, so maybe the pain from confrontation just might be worth it.

Tell me, what are your methods for letting go?


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