Finding My Way

Don’t make excuses for not writing, just write.

I love that statement, except I had a million excuses why writing took a back seat in my life. If I am being honest, I abandoned writing and all those excuses boiled down to one, it was not the right time.  When I started Breakfree the belief that my journey could touch or help someone else became my sole motivation, but only in my controlled setting.  Once my life turned inside out, I lost my desire to share. I shut down and squashed my inner voice. However, that inner voice taunted me to continue to write, share and grow.  So, here I am!

Every one of us has our outlet. The means to which we express our emotions or hopefully who we are as individuals. I silenced that part of myself and in doing so I misplaced my focus.  Yes, it happens!  I’ve gone through more life changes that I care to admit in the past two years; but honestly, so what. It’s not that I am ambivalent to what I have gone through; it’s that I now understand that trying to share during that period would have been counter- productive.

I use the words “counter-productive” because, how do I share what is happening in my life if I have yet to figure it out myself.  Asking for help was not an option (this is something that I am working on). With every challenge that decided to take up residence in my life, I did what came naturally to me, assess, dissect, understand, adapt and own it.  Granted, this process does not usually take a long time, but considering all that transpired, I would say that I am right on schedule.

So, enough about me already, I want to hear about you.  How do you handle the craziness that life throws at you?  

P.S. Thanks for sticking around while I got back on track!


  1. Welcome back!!!! I think what you are describing happens to everyone every once in a while. It's like bad breath - if we didn't have it sometimes, we wouldn't be human. LOL :) Love you! ~Diana Adams

    1. Thank you for your continuous support Diana. You have been there from the start. Hopefully my next post won't take 21 months to write! LOL!


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