Where Do I Begin

Where do I begin? I stare impatiently at the blinking cursor on my screen expecting the words to flow as they once did.  But a gift I took for granted is now gone, or rather lost.

Writing is an art, which requires skill, passion and consistency. Procrastination in short stints does have the ability to rejuvenate the creative force in a writer. But a prolong absence drives a wedge between the artist and their craft. When time is no longer an ally but rather a co-conspirator in your vacation from writing, how to you turn the tides? How do you reclaim your love of writing?

A significant absence from writing more than likely was caused by a compounding of life events.  What was once held in high regard descends to a level that is dangerously close to extinction. This decent is not quick, but rather it is slow and painful.  The writer is aware of what is happening and yet does nothing. I did nothing, until now. For no reason in particular, today I hit my plateau. Today I decided that it was time to write.

My perspective on life changed over the past few months. Gratitude has become a true life force, which embodies all that I carry out. I now know that in order to find the gift that I have lost, I must rediscover my voice as a writer. I welcome this journey with a newfound respect and love for writing.


  1. I am happy to be here with you in this time of rediscovery , excited to see what you have in store for us : )

  2. Thank you Karla! Writing can be lonely and often I wonder if anyone besides myself, reads my work. So I am truly appreciative of your comment.

  3. This is such an on time post. I really needed to read something like this and I appreciate you being so transparent.


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