So Far, This Is What I Know

Each parent carries certain hopes and dreams for their children, couple that with the advice we would like to share with them, life can often feel a bit challenging. Our dreams of little Johnny becoming a doctor, or little Johnny taking his first step or little Johnny staying out of trouble require an act of faith, faith in our ability as parents and as people. Our children may not always follow our advice but if they believe the guidance comes from our hearts and our unconditional love for them, I know the ideas will take root inside their subconscious. After 37 years on this planet, I have summed up what I know into 10 bits of wisdom that I wish to pass on to my daughter. They are founded on my belief that life is a phenomenal journey that should never be taken for granted.

Dear Emma,

I have 10 dreams, or rather ideals that I hold dear for you. The first 6 are rooted in who I hope you become. The last four result from your Mom’s connection with understanding money and its importance in life.

  1. Be true to Yourself.
  2. Love Unconditionally.
  3. Be Kind.
  4. Be Grateful.
  5. Live in the Now.
  6. Be Fearless.
  7. Recognize the difference between credit and debit. (You would be surprised how many people tend to mix them up)
  8. Please understand that Credit Cards are neither your friend nor your enemy, they are entities that you must treat them with respect.
  9. Never buy anything jointly which you could not afford on your own.
  10. Money is not evil, and being wealthy does not condemn you. But it is important that you know money has no soul. Only people do. How you chose to act with or without money will be a testament to your character.

Love always,


So I ask you, what advice do you have for your children? After all you have learned over the years, what words of wisdom do you hope they will follow?


  1. Giselle ~ All sound advice! My son is a teenager now and my advice to him as he's looking at college brochures and job applications is this: Find something you really enjoy and see if there's a way to turn that into a career. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a job you hate even if you are getting paid well. I know so many people who have given up their careers to live their dreams of being chefs or florists or owners of their own landscape company. They may make less money, but they are infinitely happier.


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