4 Reasons Why You Should Not Follow Me on Twitter

In the past few weeks I have limited my time on Twitter. My family’s needs, the holidays and starting a new job have taken priority in my life. As I return to the fold I thought a short post on how and why I use twitter would help the masses decide if I am the kind of person they want to follow.

  1. When I tweet, I tweet a lot.

I joined Twitter on March 13th, 2009, and at this moment I am sitting at 8,064 tweets. I try to spend a dedicated amount of time on twitter, instead of flittering in and out. During that time I seek out friends who I may have missed during the day. I check out their tweet stream and will on occasion RT any good information they may have shared. I thank people who have RT’d my tweets, and converse with the cool people I follow and who follow me. But a huge amount of my tweets that I publish are RTs. Which leads me to reason number two as to why you should not follow me.

  1. To RT or Not to RT.

I will only RT tweets that I find interesting, informative or fun. Though to some it may seem that I RT everything…trust me, I don’t. Every link that I RT, I visit and read before I publish to the rest of the twitter community. Regardless if the tweet is from someone I trust or just met, when it comes to this particular area, everyone is treated the same. I believe one of the best uses of Twitter is to share information with others. So if you are a person who has an issue with those who RT frequently, heed my warning. Do not follow me. I am not your girl.

  1. I am friendly! Get over it already.

I’m nice. I like people. When I ask, “How are you?” I actually mean it. I tend to think before I speak and the same can be said with my tweeting. I love words such as, Wonderful, Awesome, Wow, Fantastic and Amazing. I like giving ((Hugs)) and receiving them. So if you are from the camp that believes, people who use “That’s Cool” in a tweet are freaks…well baby, consider me a Super Freak!

Side note: I’m friendly, not crazy. I will not @ reply anyone whose tweets consist of “How to whiten and brighten your teeth in 48 hours.”

I have a dentist. I’m good.

  1. Auto Follow – No, No, No.

Before I decide to follow you, I complete these few steps:

a) I check out your avatar. Is it a photo, a drawing, a work of art? Or have you decided to upload a picture of that really cute guy from the 2006 Sears catalogue, to claim as your own.

b) I read your bio.

c) I take the time to read some of your tweets.

d) I try to find at least one of your tweets to RT. (ps, that’s my way of saying hello to you) This is also a tip I learned from @DannyBrown (Twitter user extraordinaire)

If you are looking for someone to follow you back right away, without any thought…once again I am not the girl for you.

Now you know all the reasons why you should not follow me, but if you decide to ignore this post, and want to come along for the ride, then great. Just make sure to say Hi! I promise to get back to you. @giselle2323 signing out!


  1. nice blog!

    i found your blog through keyword "auto follow".
    im following you.. pls follow me back.

  2. Very Nice blog; I have signed up to follow you.

    I liked those resources you shared in "Put Down That Pen!"


    Nice insights in that post. I have been retired from the National Park Service five years, teaching myself to HTML and writing various blogs. Of course, like you I enjoy writing.

    Our three sons are 30, 25, and 21

    I blog about our grandson Jimi Victorino (yes, named after Jimi Hendrix; his parents were big fans) at:

    I blog about Carlsbad Caverns history (where I worked 19 years out of almost 34 year career) at:

    and I am experimenting with several other blogs.

    I was born in MA, and, as a member of an always transferring Air Force family--Dad was a Senior Master Sgt.)(I went to 17 schools in 16 years), I ended up retired with wife in her hometown of Carlsbad, NM.

    Have a great day and keep up the super work, Giselle.

    Bob Hoff

  3. Thank you BloggerAutoFollow.com for leaving a comment.

    Hello Bob! Thank you for your wonderful comments. I look forward to reading your blog about your grandson. I am always touched when someone enjoys my writing.

  4. Great post--i'm going through the same motions-theres so much to deal
    @ times its hard to find the time to sit & tweet. You really don't want to
    tweet mundane things, such as, "going to the store", or "dam, I just chipped a nail".
    Not a digg, but those tweets are best reserved for celebs, w/thousands
    Of followers, that hang on their every word/phrase-people seem to
    respond to those kinds of tweets, coming from those kinds of people.
    So, like you, I try to find people w/tweets of substance, then put
    them out there. (RT) #idigthat #idigtitz

  5. @idigtitz, i agree with you. Though some on Twitter may be content to tweet about their breakfast or as you say, "going to the store" I am not. I find Twitter to be a rich source of information. I hope that those who take the time to follow me enjoy the information that I share. I am grateful for your comment. Thank you.


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