Need Help: Hire a Life Coach

A few weeks back I was asked by Tia Singh, my life coach, to write and record a testimonial on our work together. For Tia, my answer was easy. I said yes. Both my written and video testimonials were personal, and heartfelt. Below, you will find why I feel a Life Coach, has the potential to help you discover and pursue your truest passions.

Working with Tia Singh

by Giselle MacLean

Before my time with Tia Singh, I knew and expected very little from a life coach. So what made me decide to hire one? The belief that I could do more with my life, but I just needed help in achieving my goals.

My thoughts and goals before I met Tia were wonderful, yet disjointed with no symmetry or plan as how to make them happen.

  • Scrapbook storeowner
  • Become a paid writer
  • Gain better exposure for my writing
  • Improve on the quality of my blog content
  • Find the time to write
  • Finish a short story
  • Figure out how to appreciate myself
  • Lean not to have guilt when I took time for myself
  • Write a children’s book

WOW! I look at this list now, six months since my first session with Tia and I am amazed. Not that my list was so long, but rather, how much I accomplished from this list.

Tia was not just a mentor, cheerleader extraordinaire, kick in the butt coach, No. Tia encompassed all of these traits and the ability to help a strong headed, woman, believe in her self worth and her brilliance.

Through working with Tia I found new excitement in my writing. My confidence opened numerous doors. I became a monthly contributor to Fuel Your Writing. I joined Elance, and was recently hired for my first job. I will contribute to PEARL magazine, a citywide publication for Peterborough, Ontario. My blog site traffic increased and I gained new followers.

Here is the best part: I always believed that I had a healthy sense of self. I loved and cared for myself. Well Bulgerdash! I found a zillion reasons as to why I could not take time for me. With Tia’s aid, I owned up to this and discovered a means to over come. Little by little, I would take time to write. As I became happier the rest of my world flowed with positive energy. What I asked from the Universe came to be. This gift, this ability, all manifested with Tia’s support. And for that, I am forever grateful.


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