Trials and Errors - Part Two

For each of us to move forward through life, we must understand and learn from our personal Trials and Errors. These events define our character and our belief in ourselves.

As August arrived, I fought to regain my perspective on the situations that were unfolding around me. If my life was a series of Trials, I needed to view them in a way which would make sense. I stripped away the emotion from the particulars and stared at the facts.

Fact 1. On August 28th, my contract at work ended.

Fact 2. There was a possibility to remain with my firm, part time but the details needed to be confirmed.

Fact 3. My mom needed to find an apartment. She wanted to take hold and embrace her independence.

Fact 4. I needed to find a new job.

Until the Trials above found any sort of closure, I would not allow myself to create any new projects.

One of the biggest Errors I was guilty of over the past 7 months was to pile too much on my plate. Between personal and professional goals, I became overwhelmed. I vowed to myself that I would set realistic goals and work on completing one task before moving onto the next.

I kept focused on the Trials which required my immediate attention.

Find my mother an apartment. I began the search on August 11th, and by August 18th, we secured the ideal apartment for her.

I applied for a position as an Account Manager for Commercial Financial Services. I did not receive the position; however, my interaction with the Vice President who interviewed me proved favourable. She recommended me to her counterpart on the Personal Financial Services division. The Regional Vice President and I had a frank and productive conversation.

After a few discussions, I received confirmation that for the month of September I would continue on at my firm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Optimism and positive thinking are powerful forces of momentum – this was a good moment.

Since free time would soon be knocking on my door, I decided to join If my desire to become a freelance writer was to take shape, I needed to get my keister moving.

Another Trial that must be faced – The Driving Issue. Though most of my friends have their driver’s licenses, a few of us had yet to reach that milestone. That group recently shrunk, when a good friend of mine passed her road test and became a fully licensed driver. Ok! I’m motivated now. The time has come for this Chica to gain independence too.

I end with a quick recap of my goals for the next few months:
1. Learn to Drive
2. Find a permanent full-time job.
3. Submit proposals to Elance clients with hopes for winning work projects.

Errors may arise with some or all of these Trials. That’s ok. To move forward with my life and create new experiences, embracing each of these situations with zeal, positivity and ambition becomes not only an obligation to myself, but also a gift.


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