A Dark Lesson in Creativity

My earliest recollections of writing were all focused on the horror genre. I found my voice through stories or poetry seeped within darkness and fear. I believe I enjoyed writing along those lines, because it remained my polar opposite.

For the most part I am naturally positive. Even when, brief moments of doubt cover me, I shine through it. In my last post I mentioned my difficulties with finding my voice. So, in an attempt to spur my creative juices forward I went back to the beginning. The five poems below are dark, a bit unnerving and all together fun. To the wonderful people that read my blog for its positivity and light, you may not want to read further. Please know this; the support I received through your comments helped me turn a difficult corner.

For those who wish take a brief walk on the dark side…well.. follow me.

Grim’s Ode to You
By Giselle MacLean

Times a wasting
Don’t delay
Hurry up; you’re going to die today

Make your bed
Brush your teeth
You want to be fresh
For your trip upstream

Shedding tears are a waste of time
Seconds precious, pay much mind
Regrets you have many, so sorry to hear
Ah, time is up. Say goodbye my dear.

To my lover
By Giselle MacLean

Suffocate, Choke

Tighten your grip

Can not breathe nor find my voice

Your intention is clear,

When I pass, will you rejoice?

Your smile reveals all.

Take heed, in the dark I will find my way

Back to your side

Just wait and fear.

Follow me
By Giselle MacLean

Choose where I go, my path invites
Listen to my voice, is it not clear
All is fine,
Pain will ease.
Thoughts will cease.
Your eyes will close,
Nothing more will be.

By Giselle MacLean

Decisive he approaches to kiss my lips

Elated I feel our embrace bounds

At once he pulls away, disbelief clouds his eyes

Tactful I remain silent, knowing I have deceived

His face now ashen, begins to fade away

I believe
By Giselle MacLean

Rather than accept
I choose to fear
If knowledge was power, my ignorance prevailed
Bliss from contempt
Righteousness denied
I feel safer cloning the masses, then on my own.
We yell for their pain
We scream for their demise
We dance to the atrocity in front of our lives.
No matter the consequence
It is not mine to care
The mass will turn on me one day
This is the only knowledge that I am clear.


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