Romantic Love is alive and well in Twilight

Last Sunday I decided to re-read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga Series. I finished Twilight and New Moon rather quickly. Tonight I started on Eclipse.   Why did I start the series once again, when I have a huge pile of new books to read?  I wanted, or rather, needed to grasp a better handle on why Stephen King felt it necessary to compose such condemnations on the author and the series during an interview in February 2009.  While I hold a deep admiration for Mr. King and his work, I believe criticism of Meyer’s series was where his focus should have remained. 


“Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."


Please visit the link for the full interview.


A writer’s journey is and will always be solitary. If blessed with a loving family and group of friends, the hours spent away while you work may not suffer lasting repercussions.  It is imperative that artists support one another. I may not enjoy every novel, film, painting or song but I respect the artist for their courage to showcase his or her work.  I believe that is why I was upset with the words of Mr. King regarding his view of S Meyer.  While his commentary on the series and his utter dislike for them did not cause issue with me, what stuck a nerve was his attack on a fellow writer.  How was that phrase necessary?  This was not an act of constructive criticism. It appeared personal.


Stephen King: On Writing has remained on of my favourite works from the author.  It inspired me at a time when I found it difficult to pick up my pen but I am aware of the consequences that arrive when a writer attacks another writer.  There is no good side. 


Here are my thoughts on Twilight.


Twilight is the first book in the series.  Read it with an open mind and heart.  Remember, the novel’s target audiences are young women aged 11 – 18.  Place yourself in the mindset that impossible love exists.   If after the first novel you feel a slight twinge of excitement, please continue with New Moon.  Bella’s strength though subtle at the commencement of the series is unwavering.  Her ability to decide and know her future at the tender age of 17 is astounding.  She understands who she is and why she is here on this planet.   Her love encompasses more than her mythical suitor, it highlights the awareness that love is not always clean, easy or simple.  It can be complex, fractured and potent.


Romanticism is not dead.  The series delves into the throws of romantic love.  The sheer power that binds one person to another. The promise that each one of us may indeed find that ultimate partner who opens a part of our hearts and minds, which we did not know, existed. A soulmate.


The novels are a wonderful source for escapism.  If you must choose between the film and the novel, please start with the novel.   The series is an easy read.  Take the time to embrace the belief that true love exists regardless of the skepticism of our world. 


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