I needed to find an inspirational article or story that would help me find the light through the tunnel that my life currently inhabits. The act of searching for words to lift my spirits felt disheartening. I thought that if I could write the words that were necessary, maybe, the impact would tip the scale.

My heart breaks for my niece Grace, and her family. Grace Elizabeth Lea Fisher was born on Monday June 8th, at 6:30 am. From the start, little Grace was mounted with hardships. But she fought through. Doctors did not know if she would wait patiently to be carried to term. But she fought through. Doctors did not know if she would survive her birth. But she fought through. Today is Friday June 12th; the time is 10:00 am EST. Grace is on life support and she is still fighting. The strength of her spirit is breathtaking. She wants to be in the arms of her mother and father. She wants to live.

I am unable to work, or to think. I just want Grace to live. I consider myself powerful, but how do I will the impossible. I keep the faith. I believe. I remain focused. I have no other choices.

My faith tells me that anything is possible. I believe in Grace and her spirit. I believe that if her physical body is unable to sustain her that her spirit is powerful enough to live on and touch all those who love her. I am focused on only emitting love, positivity and hope. That is my promise to Baby Grace. And I never break a promise.


  1. Giselle, I know unspeakable joy in my life; and powerful sorrows that have peppered my journey. And nothing I might say to you can lift the weight you feel today. But I will tell you this: I gladly carry it with you. I pray for Grace, for you, and for your family, the strength of God's power to stand when you just want to fall down, to smile when you just want to yell out, and the company of family and friends who will sit with you as you travel through your pain, and cry the tears God blessed you with.


  2. Giselle,
    Thanks for sharing, for in sharing you allow others to join you in praying for this precious child of God, Grace.
    You are right, with God all things are possible, so keep strong in your faith. I pray God's blessings on you & your family in this difficult time.


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