Who I was, Who I am, Who I will be…is Now! Part Two.

I decided to take the exercise in a different direction with regards to describing the Giselle of the future.  I realized in order to unearth the secrets that surround this woman I needed to interview her.

Giselle: This is surreal.  I thought we would look more a like. 

Future Giselle: How so?

G: Well, I expected to see my reflection, with a few added wrinkles.


FG: (((smiles)) When you look at me, what do you see?


G: Your skin is clear, and smooth.  Your tone, even.  Your eyes…..Your stare is a bit overwhelming.  You look both younger and older than your age.  How is that possible?


FG: A lot has happened in the past ten years.  I learned to love all that has occurred.  The hard, the easy and the life altering.


G: What happened?


Future Giselle leans forward in her chair and takes my hands in hers.


FG: Honestly, you need to go through it.  You need to make all the decisions that help us reach this point without an itinerary of what is to occur.  Our future is seated upon the decisions that you make with our heart, mind and gut.


Giselle releases her hand.


G: Really.  That is the story you want to go with.  This is your chance to help me.  To give me answers to what is plaguing my every waking moment.  To tell me what to do!


FG: ((Laughs)) Tell you, what to do!  That’s priceless. Seriously, Giselle, when has anyone ever been able to tell you what to do.  For over 35 years, you have done exactly what you wanted.  If you followed the direction of someone else, it was because you willfully chose that direction.  Why do you think you are able to release yourself from people so easily?  Choice and Independence

When you find that a direction is headed down a path that clashes with your beliefs and the vision of who you are, you disengage.   That is the main reason people love and dislike you.


G: I guess.


FG: Trust me with this one.  Your ability to chose the direction that follows your heart coupled with your unwavering independence are two qualities that have and will serve you well.


G: You sound so sure of yourself.


FG: Missy, I have ten years on you.  You better hope that there are some things I figured out.


G: Are you still filled with doubt?


FG: Doubt no.  Questions yes.  I am filled with many questions.


G: Questions about?


FG: Everything.  The world, people, politics…


G:  Your past decisions?


FG: No.  Never.


G: Really?


FG: Indecision is a cancer.  Questions as to why a decision was made after the fact is a pointless waste of time and energy.  The results of past decisions need to be accepted.  Whether the choice was good or astonishingly bad.  My understanding of who I am, and why I am here evolve with each choice.  Why question something that spurs me forward.


G: So no regrets?


FG:  I did have one.  One that formed recently.  I regretted not meeting with you earlier.  I know the power of independence, but I also know that at times it is a lonely road.


G: What changed your mind on regretting that?


FG: The choice to regret my decision and my reaction to halt and destroy that regret were instantaneous.  Each choice has brought us to this moment.  To my life, and to my joy.


G: I think I get it.


FG:  Good, but you need to believe what I tell you, rather than just think about it.   I will share one thing with you and hope that the space-time continuum does not tear from my disclosure.


G:  Ahh, I see we are still geeky.


FG:  Yes we are!  I want you to know that I am a successful writer.  I am paid very well, for a career that I love.


G:  Thank you, I needed to hear that.


FG: I know.   Hun, you are in for a roller coaster ride, with drops, highs, twists and turns.  Enjoy every moment. Be passionate about each endeavor.  And always be proud of who you are.   I love you. 



  1. Wow. That's all I can say. I see why Dean reads your blog. It is so easy to get caught up in your words! You are a very successful writer. Listen to the "FG". :)


  2. Giselle, I am so proud of you!! Wow, I love this woman, FG & G are one and the same and it's beautiful to see you discover that for yourself.

    Rock on superstar!! I'm honoured to be a part of this journey, thank you for giving me that privilege. You are amazing.

    Coach T.I.A - Coaching You to Take Inspired Action! http://www.coachtia.com

  3. I found your blog through MikeyBoy, and I'm so glad:-) This is wonderfully written and very inspiring! I think it would be a great exercise for all of us. Thank you & best wishes for a speedy connection to FG!

  4. Sweetie this post is so inspiring!! I have been procrastinating on things I need to achieve in my life and I believe this has truly pushed me into taking it to the next level!! Lol!! Wow...*two thumbs up & hand claps* Lol! I love this one most definitely!!


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