Being Brilliant

Try this. Remain still, close your eyes and concentrate on the 20 items you performed brilliantly yesterday. Big tasks, little tasks, - any task. Here is the important part; the tasks need to be solely for you. Not for your significant other, or child or parent, you need to focus only on you.

I love this assignment. Truth be told there are not 20 tasks that I do on a daily basis that are only for me. So let us focus on what I did brilliantly over the past week and how I rewarded myself.

Brilliant Task: Play with my new Wii Fit that I received for my birthday. I used my Wii Fit for 58 minutes. I am happy to report that my Wii Fit age is 31! Whoo Whee!

Reward: I need to relax after working out, so that evening I decided that we needed to go out for dinner and watch a movie.

Brilliant Task: With the help of a good friend, I updated my blog site. I chose the template and all the words are mine, while my friend did all the rest.

Reward: A beautiful new site that embraces peace, love, creativity and fun.

Brilliant Task: Each day of the past week, I connected with others on Twitter, through Tweets and Re-Tweets.

Reward: My love for my Twitter community grows each day. I am filled with such happiness. What a fantastic reward.

Brilliant Task: I purchased two new books. 1. Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman and 2. Twilight Director’s Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke.

Reward: Over the course of the next few weeks I can enjoy my books at my leisure.

Brilliant Task: Added three new apps to my iPhone. Fiction Classics, Shortcovers, and Cooking Mama.

Reward: What a pleasure to immerse my self in a fictional classic like Frankenstein, or Hound of The Baskervilles, perfectly displayed on my iPhone.

Shortcovers, provides wonderfully written excerpts from current fiction and non-fiction titles. I am able to receive insight into what could be my next favourite book.

Cooking Mama, a game that washes away all of my stress and allows me to spend a few minutes laughing and playing a game that focuses on the joy of cooking.

Brilliant Task: Competing this assignment submitted by my Life Coach Tia Singh. (aka @TiaSparkles on Twitter)

Reward: Smiling and loving all the big and little tasks that I centered on me.

Today I realized the rationale of the exercise. The focus was not on the 20 items, but rather to shift my focus on me and what brought me joy through my week.


  1. Wooooheeee! Yay! I love your new blog it is beautiful, serene and peaceful just like you :) Thanks for creating such a lovely energy here.

    And I'm glad that you learned what was really important about that exercise ~ appreciating and loving yourself for the wonderful being that you are. Recognising that phenomenal woman inside of you .. awesome. You are awesome!


  2. I love the new layout and the new post!! I love my Wii too but I have not played mines in quite some time!! Lol!


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