What do you want from life?

When you think about your past, present and future, did you or have you, set goals to inspire your dreams to fruition? If you have, then I am happy and proud of you. My only request is that you share your methods with others.

I am a list maker. I thrive on lists, planners, and organization. Before you say it, yes, I know what that makes me! To my dear friend, of almost 30 years, I thank you for understanding my ways. My job requires that I record and remember a vast amount of information. Quite a bit of my work is saved on the computer, but I trust that my pen and paper will never “crash” when I need them the most.

So what does my list-making obsession, have to do with fulfilling your dreams? Simply put, I have found that if you don’t write things down, they will not come true. Make a list of everything you want from life. Be honest, yet general with your selections, this way you do not over analyze your draft copy. For example, in my twenties, my list consisted of the following, I wish for: a boyfriend, to become a writer, graduate university, get an office job and so on. Simple requests, but not very specific. I did receive all that I listed, but not in the way that I hoped. I learned never to make general lists.

Once your general list is completed, walk away for a minute, an hour or a day. When you come back, review it. Now ask yourself a question. How do you foresee your dreams coming true? If you listed that you want a house, what needs to happen for you to get that house.

  • A job
  • Saving money
  • Good credit
  • Pay off debit
  • Control spending

The tasks listed above, should be part of your dream action plan.

Another example:

I want boyfriend. Again, a simple request. But be specific. What type of partner are you looking for?

  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Free from psychological issues
  • Comes from a loving family
  • Understands and respects his parents

Whatever you feel are necessary attributes in a partner, record them.

Once you have reviewed and edited your list, put it way and try not to think about it. At least for a while. I am serious. Your dream action plan is now in motion. The funny thing is, once your dreams start to come true you may not remember the list. That is ok. But when you do open that drawer where you placed your dream action plan, or turn back the pages in your journal to find the entry, and you scroll through the items down the page, are they still what you want?

Dreams change. You will want to ensure that your path and your list are in sync.


  1. Hey there! It's your friend of 30 years (in Sep '09)... I just read your blog for the first time tonight. I am so glad that you have found another way to express yourself. I remember the days that you kept a paper journal (yes, in the 70's, it was the only way). I'm glad you have found a new format. You have always written so well. Enjoy! Love, me.


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