What about a new business?

Yesterday I was asked what was the point of a blog. My answer was "A blog is an arena to put your thoughts out to the world. Sometimes the thoughts are organized with a clear message attached, but sometimes they are random." For now, my blog will consist of random thoughts.

This morning I laid in bed until 7 am. I was given the opportunity to sleep in, but my mimd was racing. Work, kept creeping into my mind. Not my work, but work in general. I hear numbers of 500,000 + out of work. To me, this means 500,000+ families out of work. 500,000+ less people to buy, spend and consume. So those out there who do have jobs, (me included), we are lucky. I know tomorrow you may not feel that way.

You know that person at work, who does everything in their power to make your life miserable. These are the people who drive us mad, and once in a while, when life at work becomes unbearable, we quit our jobs just to get away from these folks. It's one thing when Miss or Mr. Naysayer is your co-worker, but what about when they are your boss. What then? With the world's economy at current time, looking quite bleak, I figure there are quite a few out there who would suggest to take it, figure it out, be happy that you have a paycheque coming in. And to a degree, those who have lost the ability to support themselves, their families and help the economy have a point. But that raises another question, how do you find joy in what you are doing?
One idea, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, is to start your own business. It's been said that every success started with an idea. If you have that idea and want to take it further, start researching. Use the internet to your advantage. Research business plans, then create one. Find out everything you need to start your business and write it down. Then email, mail, courier your plan to President Obama, or Prime Minister Harper or who ever is in charge of running your country. I keep reading that our leaders are focused on helping the economy. To do that, people need to work. Why not be proactive? Who knows how long it will take our leaders to find you a job, find one for yourself, and one you will enjoy doing. A start up business requires a detailed plan, a realistic schedule, patience, time and funding. If you have four out of the five, you are already ahead of the game. And hopefully the Powers That Be, see your potential, and do something good with their power.

Ok, so maybe the world leaders, will not have time to read your business plan, don't stop there. Use every resource available to you. You may even have a community organization that helps start ups. Just keep at it. If you want it bad enough, stay persistent.

To do this requires courage and a belief in yourself. I am figuring that you have both.

See you for now.


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