Time to start

Today, March 14th, I decided to try something different. I will start a blog. A huge thank you to Joel Heffner. I just started to follow him on twitter. He has a short bit on the difference between writers and procrastinators. For too long have i followed down the procrastinator highway. So, here I am.

As a child my mother would make up the most wonderful stories. I inherited that love of storytelling. A few years ago I decided to take a course, Creative writing by
correspondence, from Humber College. If you are interested in writing, I recommend it. But know, the course is not for the faint of heart. You will have your writing critiqued by a published author. Imagine showing off your baby to someone and having them tell you "well, I'm sure, she will have a great personality." The course does not booster your ego. It is raw, honest and compelling. You will end up looking at your work with different eyes. I would consider taking the course again, sometime in the future.

My daughter is up from her nap, so it is time to go.

Bye for now.


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