A few words on friendships

Friends often appear in our lives right when we need them most. Though it may not always correspond with our personal wants, friends sometimes leave us in the same fashion.

My Mother has said, time and again, that I am blessed with lovely friends. She was right. My friends are unique, strong, honest and beautiful. But, just as nothing in life is for certain, some friendships do not last. Through the years I have met wonderful people who flowed into my life, yet for one reason or another those friendships faded. I often wonder, how their lives turned out. Did they follow their dreams?

While attending university I met four women who I thought would remain in my life for years. Unfortunately, they did not. But while the friendships lasted, I was nourished and rewarded. Each of them allowed me to see the world from a new perspective and for that I am grateful.

I do my best never to take the people in my life for granted. I encourage you to do the same. Send someone you care about, an email, letter, or even a card. A quick call just to say “Hi” can do wonders.

Life is precious and so are our friends, find the time.


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