10 Things I Learned From My Mother – Parenting Edition

Over the past 5 years and 10 months, I’ve noticed a strange occurrence.  I developed Mom-i-tis. What is that you ask?  It is the knocked upside your head, the light bulb finally going off, and the awakening of what has long been asleep. It is the power to finally understand and trust the wisdom that my Mother has shared with me over the past 40 years.  Each of the items below she instilled in me, and now I pass them on to Emma.

  1. The ability to listen without putting in your two cents can often be the best medicine.
  2. If you hope to win a battle, arm yourself by being polite, courteous and nice.
  3. For the most part, the numerous acts of kindness that you show will be repaid, especially when you need it most.
  4. Family is made up of those who love you unconditionally.
  5. Introverts are powerful.
  6. Never stop talking to your child.  Share your stories, your life and your truth.  It may seem like they are not listening, but trust me, they are.
  7. Allow kids to be kids.  Give them the freedom to play, ask questions, be seen and invent.  Allow them to embrace their creativity.
  8. Read, Read, Read!  If you want your child to have a love of knowledge and broaden their imagination then spend time reading to them.
  9. Be silly.  Teach your child that the ability to laugh at themselves can be a lifesaver. It builds a strong defense when sometimes the world is not so kind.
  10. If your religious or spiritual beliefs have brought you unrelenting joy, then share those beliefs with your child.

Don’t kid yourself, 10 does not even begin to scratch the surface, but these stood out for me.  What have you learned from your parents that you have shared with your kids?


  1. Love this Giselle!!! Your mom sounds like a really special woman.

    1. Thank you for reading my post Rebecca. You have always been such a great friend .


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