Nothing is impossible.

Imagine finding your ideal job. What would need to happen for your dreams to become reality? What would you need to do?

I truly believe in the verse, “Ask, then you will receive”…

I am on a quest to find the perfect job. Impossible you say? Well then you don’t know me. Nothing is impossible.

This is a letter to my future employer. Once my future employer reads it, they will know to get in touch with me right away and hire me.

Dear Future Employer:

I am a writer. Without writing I would cease to be.

Each person is born with a spark of creativity. As children, we allow ourselves to unearth our passion for life. We draw, write, act, sing, and play. We inhale and exhale creativity like it was our last breath. We understand why we are here. Then a shift occurs. We start to grow, and we begin to forget. As we forget our purpose, our creativity dwindles. At first, the spiral is slow, but with age, time, and new responsibilities, the speed increases. For many of us, we watch in silence as who we were becomes a part of our past. Even with my enormous love for reading and writing, I too, was headed down that path. The day I became a mother, I was able to end the spiral. I felt renewed as a person and a writer.

My first love is writing fiction. Though for the past few months, I have focused on non-fiction articles. For reference to my writing style and competence as a writer, please review my Blog Break Free A Little More Each Day . For your convenience, I have also included hard copies of articles from my Blog.

Why should you hire me? For the past nine years, I have forged a career in the financial services industry. While I hold a profound respect for my company and the people I work with, it is not my passion. Please note that I am more than happy to provide references, from Managers, co-workers, head office personnel as to my work ethic and general demeanor. I am proud of the work I have accomplished and the name I have built for myself in my company. Imagine the future that awaits the both of us as I incorporate my past experiences with my love for writing as the foundation of my new career.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I believe that each moment of our lives leads us to a point where greatness is achieved. Our paths are now intersected and a decision is about to be made. I am ready. Ready to write your next article, blog post, editorial, or book.

Yours truly,

Your Future Employee


  1. Stunning. Truly. And yes, your future employer will run to you. I so seldom click on links on Twitter due to my own crazy endeavors, but am so glad I did this time. Inspiring.

    Though I'm not an employer, I definitely think your voice belongs with us at

    Please come sign up. Great ideas and shenanigans up our sleeves. And the best part—we're all writers who dream the dream.

    So nice to meet you,

    @MissIve, Jen Wright

  2. I love this. Nothing is impossible, and your next employer is going to be awesome! It's so refreshing to see people with such a positive attitude. Thanks for the great read!

  3. I would change that to "Lucky People Who Get to Work with Me" - cos that is exactly what they will be. Blessed to have you write for them!!

    Coach T.I.A - Coaching You to Take Inspired Action!

  4. I only have this to say: You are your next employer. I think you'll make a nice employer. I see you looking out of your office window, thinking: "wow. Look at all of my employees coming to work. They drive really nice cars because I pay them well. I am so thankful!" But hey, it just my opinion, right?

    I also love your new look hear. The color scheme is so easy on the eyes. Bravo.

    - Stacey

  5. Wow I love reading your post, they truly inspire me! You should be a motivational coach! I pray whatever future goals you have in the future that you will be able to achieve! You truly deserve the very best! *hugs* to you!


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