Reflection - Following Through


We set rules and guidelines for our children to follow. We make deals with them in hopes that they comply. We like to say “Buddy, you have three seconds to start picking up your toys. One, Two, Two and a half...” As soon as a child knows that nothing will happen after three, what next.  My advice is to keep your word and know your child. 

As parents we are not here to be friends with our kids.  That is not our role at their current stage.  It is ok for us to take away their favourite items, or ban TV for a weekend. It is imperative that we follow through on punishments that match their misbehaviour. Do not be swayed by their tears. Crying because the world is not conforming to their naughtiness is a form of manipulation. 

Know in your heart that you are doing what is right.  The tears will stop, your child will respect you for following through but more than that, they will feel safe knowing that they can count on you to stay true to your word. 


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