Thank You Peterborough

I know that I am blessed. Trust me, this statement does not surface without due consideration. Two years have passed since I first arrived in Peterborough and all I have to say is Thank You. I am unable to share what would have happened had I stayed in Toronto. I live by what has happened. This post is overdue, but not without cause. I needed to fully grasp the level of gratitude I held for the people I mention below. When the light finally dawns on you, that your life is filled with an abundance of love from new friends, blog readers, and a city, you become humbled. So I say thanks, to each and every one of you who has touched my life and helped me on my journey.

Heather – This woman embraced me like I was her sister. She opened her life and arms to me without reservation. She hosted a party as a way to welcome me to Peterborough, in April of 2009. She had only known me for two months. Heather became my anchor when things were dark and for that I am forever grateful. After my driving course was completed, I did what many knew I would do, I ignored going for my driving test. Over lunch at a Greek restaurant on a spring day in 2010, Heather looked me in the eye and said enough was enough. She wanted me driving by my birthday. She would do everything within her power to help me fulfill a life long dream. Inward, I knew I was humoring her, while I nodded with her in agreement. But Heather did not let me off that easily. In June we began our one on one driving lessons. She encouraged my progress, and corrected my errors all in a manner that I was unaccustomed. She helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel of my car. Through her approach my self-esteem around driving, flourished. Heather believed in me. Heather, I thank you.

Bonnie - I met Bonnie in January of 2009. She became Emma’s caregiver a month later. I found her kind, with a smile which radiated. As I look back, I realize how she changed my life considerably. From the start, Bonnie treated Emma with the same love, respect and consistency which she showed her own children. I watched Emma flourish and develop under her guidance. But something happened along the way. Bonnie became my friend. Someone I could count on and trust. Trust has never been easy for me. I believe it is a quality that needs to be earned. But once I do allow myself to open up and trust someone, that person knows, they have a friend for life. Bonnie, I thank you.

Graeme – I first met Graeme when Michael and I were house hunting in Peterborough in the fall of 2008. As Manager of the branch where I hoped to work, I knew I needed his support. What I received was a champion who was committed to my success. I worked at his branch from February – September of 2009, and when I left, Graeme continued to help secure my position in Peterborough. Graeme had no reason to go out of his way to help this stranger from Toronto. But he did. Thorough his support, as of November 15th, 2010, I have returned to the company where my career was launched. Graeme, I thank you.

Friends - Vanessa, Ryanne, Dana, Ruth, Jennifer, Danielle, Nicole, Peter, Ale, Patrick, Jessica, Lynda, Steve, Corina, Val, Dave, Shay, Catherine, Lily, Melissa, Cathy and Marilyn, each of these people have helped transform my life for the better. Some are new friends; some have been with me since the beginning. Friendship, like many good things, tends to arrive when you least expect it. When you find people who support you and the decisions that you make, well you need to be grateful. To all of you, I thank you.

To my 29 blog followers – Wow, where do I begin? I am honored that all of you have taken the time and the energy to follow me through the ups and downs that is my life. You have hung around to read my sporadic postings. BreakFree has become an integral part of who I am, and to know that you are out there, at times holding my hand, or urging me forward, affects me more than words can say. To my 29, I thank you.

Peterborough – A city with a small town feel. Those who say you are hard to know have judged you unfairly. You are beautiful, generous and open. I have found grace in your citizens and welcome in your community. Life is about taking chances, and you have taken a chance on me. I will do all that I can not to let you down. To the City of Peterborough, I thank you.


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