5 Websites Worth Following

Well I have procrastinated long enough. It is time to return from my sabbatical from writing. I figure I will ease into it with a short post on websites.

Between work, kids, family and the other million items on our plates, finding time to read and/or comment to a blog or website becomes relegated to “one day.” This becomes a greater challenge when our subscriptions to websites overpower our inbox. We tend to hit delete just to make room for another alert from another blog with a new post, without even taking the time to read the last one. There was a reason we subscribed in the first place, but now, that memory is gone.

Recently I decided to clean house. I unsubscribed to a horde of sites, and started to read and focus on a select few. Here is part one of the sites that I believe are worth the time.

Empowering, creative, diverse, informative and effective are a few attributes, which I connect with the following websites.



Staci J Shelton administers a daily dose of love and encouragement. She is pure joy and a true gift to all that connect with her.



From design to technology and everything in between the writers of Bit Rebels find what is unique and share it with the masses.



Ian LeWinter and Don Richmond the writer and artist of this graphic novel, have created a dark tale seeped in mystery and foreboding. It is evident that their work is created from a deep love for their craft.



This site is not just for writers. This site is for anyone who loves words, books and the messages they convey.



Scott Stratten is smart. His take on social media and the role that it plays in business and on a personal level is filled with humour, bravado and unrepentant honesty.


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