A little goes a long way

For the past few days my mind has gone back to a statement my grade six teacher, Mr. Dale, made to our class. He forewarned that my generation would suffer from a serious water shortage. The prediction terrified me when I was eleven, though at the time I laughed off his comment, along with my friends.

"So, what you’re saying is that one day we will turn on our taps and nothing will come out?” asked a boy in our class.

“Quite possibly,” Mr. Dale replied.

Twenty-four years later, as I take a look at our world, I fear that he was right. So what am I doing about it? As a mother it is my responsibility to ensure that I raise my daughter with kindness, compassion, respect and an honest moral code. Should I not give my planet the same courtesy? It is important for me to look my daughter in the eye, and know that I tried. It does not matter how large or small the act, the point is to do something.

In my home, if you pour yourself a glass of water, you finish it. Sounds simple, stupid even, but how may times have we started to drink a glass of water, and midway, became full or our thirst was quenched and then poured the remaining water down the drain. On countless occasions I have been guilty of that. Or, while washing my face, and using cleanser, I kept the tap running. I acted as if water was a never-ending resource. This too, has stopped. I make sure to turn off the tap while cleaning my face.

Both are small acts, but if more people did them, the future of clean water may change course, for the better.


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